So you're thinking about 1-on-1 styling?

Does nothing in your wardrobe reflect the person you want to portray? Is it super overwhelming to get dressed in the morning because you don't know how to wear what? Have you been looking at Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspiration but don't seem to find a way to recreate those looks? 

There is so much information available out in the world, and how you look affects how you feel about yourself. My ultimate goal is to help you look good so you can feel even better. Let me focus on your look, so you can focus on other things that light you up! 

This is for you if: you feel like what you wear doesn't reflect your personality. The way you dress doesn't align with your professional or personal goals. You want to spend your time doing something other than trying to figure out how to dress. You know you're just ready to take this step.

Through our 1-on-1 styling package, you will receive the support you need to take your confidence to the next level. Show up as the person whose goals get accomplished, make room for a new version of you! 

Who is this for?

Our ideal clients are established professionals looking to keep rising and establish authority in their field. That includes but is not limited to lawyers, finance professionals, business owners, tech entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and doctors.


Camila has extensive training working with both men's and women's fashion, specializing in business casual and business professional attire. Having worked at companies including Nordstrom, Boutique Jacob, and Dynamite, Camila knows how to shop everything from budget options to high-end while keeping in mind the quality over quantity philosophy.

This is the ultimate package, and a great starting point for optimal results. Have you ever looked at your closet and just felt overwhelmed? Is there a bunch of items that don’t represent the person you are growing into? During this private session, I’ll help you find clarity within what you already own, and show you different ways to optimize them so they fit your style.  


This package also comes with follow-up support for 3 months, and you’ll get all services at a discounted price. 

The Total Package


Apply to 1:1. Fill out the questionnaire, book a call, walk away with a few recommendations, and if we're a good match we can work together long-term.
No purchase necessary.


In-person (locally) or virtual full wardrobe assessment. 2-4 hours depending on size of the wardrobe.

Available in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and other cities upon request.


Mend, tailor, donate and/or repurpose what you already have. We have a list of local referrals and can even take them there if needed.


Shopping made easy. Provided with a personalized shopping list that takes into consideration what you already own to maximize each piece.

What People Say

Bader, Investment Specialist

Camila is a wonderfully driven powerhouse of a woman. Her attention to detail and drive to succeed are truly top notch and inspiring. I am always pleasantly surprised by her fashion sense as it pertains to representing her brand and getting people to look at their best.

Brandon, Entrepreneur

I, like many men I know, don't really pay much attention to my clothing. Taking the stand point that it's about putting your best foot forward is what makes me want to put the effort in. Knowing that each item in my closet is now optimized motivates me to dress well. 

Tori, Business Manager

I've learned so much: casual and business can be similar. Accessories are important and can simply stay on. Layers give your style depth. Organizing your closet makes you want to "shop" the items you already have.