My Story


My name is Camila Bousquet, and I run Bousquet Fashion. I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember, but one particular moment that defined my interest in working in the industry was in second grade. I would cut and sew parts of hand-me-downs together during the winter we first came to Canada, and  I created a fashion catalog inspired by the Sears Christmas catalog.

In school, I was always hanging with the guys, and though I wasn’t particularly a tomboy, I did relate better to them as I am competitive, love to play sports, and never shied away from a good prank.

In high school, I became their fashion hotline. Jimmy would MSN me a webcam picture of his outfit for his date with Alice. Ryan would send me pictures of the possible haircuts he might get to ask for my input. So I thought that if they valued my opinion for these pivotal times in life, there must be some value for you too!

A few years later, as I’m studying Business Management, I also took a part-time job as a Menswear Stylist at Nordstrom, where I learned about the art of tailoring and had an in-the-field fashion education. I had the chance to launch my career with them as they expanded in Canada and landed an administrative role upon graduating.

Although I was passionate about fashion, I had a growing interest in other business industries such as finance and technology. I went on to work and learn at reputable financial institutions and tech start-ups, and little by little colleagues naturally started asking me for my fashion advice…  


Day after day, I would get stories about how “we aced the pitch, and I felt awesome in my suit!”, to “I finally feel confident enough in my skills to ask for that raise.” or “It takes me 10 minutes less to get ready for work!” and “I’m really confident I’ll get a second date, she liked my outfit!”.


Needless to say, the need for my services arose and I turned it into this business.


I want to extend my help to more people inside and outside my network, and I want to make it easy for you.


You have landed here because something about your style doesn’t match 110% with whom you envision yourself becoming. Thing is, you probably have a lot more items in your wardrobe that you keep “just in case” that don’t work with where you’re trying to get. I’m here to help you through this journey that will bring you clarity, peace of mind, and confidence while saving you time and long-term money. 


How we can work together:




Apply for a free 15 minutes virtual consultation. It takes 2 minutes to fill out the application, and you will walk out of the free consultation with 2-3 action steps to help you get started with your style journey.

Let's optimize what you already own! The best inventory is the one you already have, let's see what works, what doesn't, and how to wear what you own to lower its cost-per-wear.

Are you missing key items in your wardrobe? Let me take you shopping virtually. I will save you time and money by browsing for you and present your options within your budget in a 5-minute video.