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3 Custom Closet Solutions

In today's article, I wanted to introduce you to some very affordable custom closet solutions.

Having the right custom closet solution can double, and even triple the available storage for your clothes and other items. It makes it easy to stay organized and saves you time, and even money in the long run!

I made a short video about modular wardrobe systems on my shopping channel, which is the platform I use for virtual shopping recommendations for clients, and share my top picks for you here.

You'll see that there are mainly 2 models, the one from Ikea, and the one from Closet Maid that comes in 2 sizes and with various add-ons for optimal organization.

The first step to determining which system would work best for you is to start by measuring the size of your wardrobe, which includes width, depth, and height. Just to double-check, I like to take the height and width measures from two different points in case the ceiling is slightly slanted or curved in or out.

The size of these modular closets will often have a range as the rods can extend to where you need them to be. If ever you have any questions or need my help, you may contact me through the Contact Us page and I'll do my best to guide you in the right direction as I've worked with these systems a fair amount of times.

After that, you want to think of how many pieces of clothing you truly need to store (hint: you should probably go through all your clothes at this point and see if some don't fit your lifestyle anymore).

Following your clothing sorting, I highly recommend you separate items per category, so you have a visual for how much room you need for what items, and that will allow you to decide whether you need another rod, or would like an extra self or a pull out drawer to put away some items.

The possibilities are endless, and I can help you with any step along the way, simple contact me.