• bousquetfashion

Easy Add-Ons to Optimize your Closet

Aside from getting a brand new modular wardrobe system, there are many ways you can optimize the space you already have by implementing these recommendations.

Many homes, particularly rentals, simply have a rod across for the wardrobe. We may not be able to or have it within our budget to get a custom wardrobe, but we need to stay organized! I never found these to be optimal as you are missing out on so much vertical space and could really optimize it.

I've made a video on my shopping channel about my favourite closet add-ons, and even if you got ALL of these recommendations, it would turn out to be less than $100 CAD. Isn't that fantastic?!

Let me know if you implement any of these tips or if ever you need further assistance, I welcome you to contact me.