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How to dress for Video Calls

There has obviously been a rise in video calls, such as Zoom, Google meets, and Microsoft teams.

Getting ready for video calls vs real-life meetings takes HALF the effort, as you'll mainly have to show your top.

In this video, I share my top tips to add some flair to your outfit and look polished, put together, and stylish for your next video call within minutes.

Though this video is filmed with women's clothing and accessories, the same principles apply to men's fashion, and I'll share further recommendations below.

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Tip #1: Wear Vibrant Colours

Vibrant colours pop up more on-screen, make you look more alive, and simply add joy to your life.

Some great colours for spring and summer are: any of the primary colours, green, mint, light blue, and anything pastel. For fall and winter, opt for: burgundy, royal blue, red, emerald green, mustard yellow, go darker but still incorporate colour.

Tip #2: Dress up your basic shirts (by adding accessories)

I know working from home entices you to dress more casually in general, but an easy way to upgrade your basic tshirt, crew neck, polo or henley, is by regularly wearing a simple silver or gold chain or keeping a silk scarf near your computer for impromptu video calls.

Tip #3: Add a blazer or cardigan to add depth to your outfit

Adding a layering element elevates your style in seconds, and keeps you warm. The attention is less on what you're wearing under, and more on what you've got on top, making it super easy to, again, dress a basic tee. Some great basic colors to opt for in layering pieces are blue (royal, or navy so it gets more wear), burgundy, and beige.

Bonus tip: How's your skin looking? Is it oily? Take a tissue and blot your face before the call so the reflection of your screen doesn't pop up on camera. A man that takes care of himself always looks sharper.