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Sustainable Fashion Apps

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

In February, I had the pleasure of having a virtual meeting with Malvika Padin, a journalist at The New Twenties, a climate art and environmental literature magazine.

As some of you may know, alongside my career in fashion, I've also worked in technology for a few years. To be quite honest, I've always been a pretty techy person, so talking about my two loves was exciting.

That being said, when Malvika pitched her story idea, I knew I could help!

We discussed sustainable fashion apps and websites that can guide you towards being an aware consumer.

Without further due, you can read Malvika's article where she interviewed a few fashion industry professionals on the subject of Delving into the World of Sustainable Fashion Apps.

I've discovered additional apps and websites ever since our chat. Here are the few more I'd recommend:

This is a chrome extension and website that offer sustainable shopping resources. They plant a tree on your behalf when you make purchases at partnered stores.

In 3 months, I've planted 21 trees!


Fashion Revolution was founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, Fashion Revolution has become the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, industry, and policymakers through our research, education, and advocacy work.

Their website is very informative regarding sustainable fashion, policymaking, auditing, and bringing to light solutions that we, as society members, can contribute to.

They host a Fashion Revolution Week yearly (it was April 19th to 25th in 2021), and this year I had the pleasure to chat with My World, My Clothes for the occasion. Click here for the article.

My favourite part is the RESOURCES page. There is so much to learn on the topic and I'm fascinated every time I dig in there.

The Sustainable Fashion Toolkit

This is another great resource to read into. There is lots of information available, and I love reading all about it so I can share what I know in turn with you!

Do you have a favourite sustainable fashion app or website? Comment below or contact me here so we can share the knowledge!