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The Fragrances Edit - The Weekly TikTok RoundUp

One of the top questions I get is about men's fragrances. It's a little intimidating to know what you should get, so oftentimes we get bottles of the wrong scent for us.

Though scent is very personal, I thought I'd share how to differentiate eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and parfum. The first step is knowing which of these three you want to get. Eau de

toilette will last 2-3 hours, eau de parfum will last between 4-5, and parfum will outdo them all and usually last up to 8 hours. (Watch this on TikTok)

Prices for fragrances will vary on a few factors, one of them is what kind they are, as usually what lasts longer will be a bit pricier, but it will also depend on many factors like the amount of content, ingredients and blends, and brand name.

Some of the best-selling fragrances are the following ones. I used to work at Nordstrom, and I developed a sixth sense to tell which scents worked best on who. These 3 options are quite universal and worked well for most, not just men but also some women.

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