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The New Normal


As some of my earlier subscribers may know: precisely a year ago, I came back from Peru a few hours before Canada closed its borders and declared the pandemic.

This is that story.

At Lima's Chamber of Commerce with a potential manufacturer in March 2020.

Not only is Peru my home country, but also the land of outstanding cottons, wools, and artisans.

In February 2020, I went to Peru for a month, met with amazing companies at the chamber of commerce, and started getting some samples done of a suit I had designed. I had the intention of coming back to Peru in April or May to determine which manufacturer I was going to work with and oversee production. It was going to be available for sale in Fall 2020.

We all know what happened next.

They shut down the schools in Peru, I made it home to quarantine, and everything closed.

The past year has not been an easy one. I’ve had an unproportionate amount of lows and highs as we all have, but what always makes me smile is knowing I have people like you who have my back, and you truly inspire me every day.

With your help, support, and feedback, I’ve pivoted and decided to hold off on the suit line for now. I want you to have a product that has been well-thought-out and properly designed. Plus, let’s be real, we’ve gone a lot more casual.

In the past few months, I’ve enrolled in classes at Richard Robinson Design Academy to learn about the process of creating clothes. Though I worked in fashion since 2011, most of what I know is post-production, focusing on business and marketing. This is a brand new world for me. I now know what I don’t know and am very eager to learn further.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not available to help you with your style. On the contrary, I have pivoted and am SUPER excited to offer you new and improved fashion consulting services!

As we’ve all had to adjust our wardrobe and may have rocked lounge clothes more often than ever, I am offering free fashion consulting calls that can be booked through my website. These are completely personalized to you and you will walk out with actionable steps after our call.

Simply click on Apply Here, fill out the 2-minutes questionnaire, and follow the prompts to book a call.

Creating a community has been the most rewarding part of creating a business for me. Thank you, for your continuous support, your kind messages along the way, and for believing in me.

Talk to you soon,

Camila Bousquet